Derby Jackpot Legal Online Horse Betting, How to get started betting horses online.

Posted by DerbyJackpot November 26, 2012

Never bet on a horse before?

Here’s how it works for our DerbyJackpot customer, Mike:

Mike logs into DerbyJackpot and places a $20 win bet on a horse named A Lotta’ Cash. He watches the live race on from the comfort of his couch. A Lotta’ Cash wins and a few minutes later $992 is deposited into his player’s account. Not a bad win for Mike, who just placed his bet on a 49 to 1 horse.

You are familiar with the Triple Crown Races, –the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and The Belmont Stakes–but are still trying to figure out the opaque laws and websites so you can lay down some cash on the races. Derby Jackpot offers you your first experience in the world of legal online horse betting.

Most Derby Jackpot players pick their horses by their favorite names, numbers, or colors. In the end, it’s about luck! Hop onto Derby Jackpot and place your first bet for free…chances are there is probably an opportunity to win in 5 minutes or less.

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