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What’s the goal of QuadJacks.com?
We have one goal: to offer you, our viewers, an entertaining, humorous, and at times, informative viewpoint into the broad world of poker. We’re based in Vegas where much of the best antics take place. Our job is to capture the characters and moments worth relishing and sharing.

Why is QuadJacks.com constantly changing?
The QuadJacks.com team upholds a concept of kaizen in the workplace.

Kaizen: Japanese for ‘change for the better’ or ‘improvement.’ A business philosophy that encourages continuous cost reduction, reduction of quality issues, and delivery time reduction through rapid, team-based improvement activities.
We are constantly refining and improving our approach to this new side of the industry, because poker deserves more visuals and theatrics that celebrate its eccentricities! As a company, we simply love poker and its people.

How do I view a video on QuadJacks.com?
There are several ways to view a video on QuadJacks.com. The video thumbnails you see on the home page are our featured videos; simply click the thumbnail of the video you are interested in viewing. At the top of the site, there is a tab marked ‘Videos.’ This tab becomes a drop-down menu when you scroll over it with your cursor. Listed are categories of the different videos we offer. Click a category, and this will send you to a new page with thumbnails of featured videos in that category. To the left are more ways of narrowing down your search of videos.

How do I create a QuadJacks.com profile?
In the top right-hand corner of the homepage, click ‘Sign Up.’ Fill in the required information, then click ‘Complete Sign Up.’ We will send you a confirmation email to the address you listed, which you must open and confirm your registration with QuadJacks.com. Once you have accomplished this, login using your username and password to begin using QuadJacks.com to its fullest extent.

How do I post a blog on QuadJacks.com?
First, refer to, “How do I create a QuadJacks.com profile?,” for directions on how to create a profile. You must complete this in order to post a blog. Once you are logged in, view the homepage. Listed in the tabs near the top of the homepage is a tab marked ‘Blogs.’ By clicking this tab, the page changes to our featured blogs section. To the left, there is a list of options; ‘Featured Blogs,’ ‘Blogs Menu,’ and ‘View Blogs by Category.’ In the ‘Blogs Menu’ section, click ‘Create Blog.’ Fill in the required information and type your message in the box provided. When you are finished click, ‘Submit Article.’

May I post obscene or offensive content to QuadJacks.com when I become a member?
However, the content you submit must fit within legal regulations and the reasonable bounds of which society deems acceptable. Also, consider the thematic approach QuadJacks.com has taken to decide if you’re out of bounds. QuadJacks.com administrators hold the right to remove any content that does not respect the bounds of our site, and to also prohibit use from violators of site regulations. Random content is alright, but no smut and no snuff!

Have more questions?

E-mail info@QuadJacks.com any time! Or, post a comment on the site!

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