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    Posted by Quad Jacks September 5, 2011

    On August 25, 2011, during a press conference at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, WPT president Adam Pliska introduced two new “Royal Flush Girls,” Melissa Fisher and Mica Javier, who would be joining the other four RFG’s (Melanie Iglesias, Michelle Banzer, Sunisa Kim and Melyssa Grace). He spoke at length about what a fruitful and effective team the Royal Flush Girls had been, and the very next day, he even tweeted this photo of himself posing with Michelle Banzer, Melanie Iglesias, and Mica Javier, and said he was “very happy to have them on the team.”

    Less than one week later, right in the middle of the Legends of Poker tournament, the very same three girls in that photo “resigned” from the World Poker Tour in quick succession, making their dissatisfactions with the company very public along the way.


    On the night of August 28, @MelanieIglesias tweeted the following cryptic, chillingly foreboding message:

    @MelanieIglesias: “I am not happy.”

    Although some brief stops of the Earth were recorded, most of us mere mortals did not make much of it. But we all woke up the next morning to the following horrifying tweet:

    @MelanieIglesias: “This lotion smells like fruity pebbles. Me likey.”

    It kept getting worse:

    @MelanieIglesias: “I have officially resigned from the World Poker Tour. No questions at the moment, please. Thank you.”


    As you can readily imagine, a tweet of the kind from a young and very attractive woman is guaranteed to immediately elicit a barrage of supportive worship from the thousands of drooling boys who follow her. Victory Poker executive producer Nima Nejat (@NimaTime) went as far as to suggest that “Melanie Iglesias resigning from the World Poker Tour > Steve Jobs resigning as CEO of Apple.” (One has to wonder which device designed by Mr. Jobs was used by Mr. Nejat to tweet such nonsense.)

    This unquestioning adoration of the North Korean variety would not have been nearly as sickening if it didn’t translate to equal kneejerk hostility against the WPT. So many were those who promised Ms. Iglesias that “I will never watch the WPT again, you were the only reason I watched,” as if it was some kind of virtue. Eric Froehlich (@efropoker) went as far as to pledge that “I will not watch the World Poker Tour without Melanie Iglesias. She is my sunshine and the #1 reason I attended every event.” (Mr. Froehlich, mind you, has two bracelets.)

    We know all these things because, in an atypical display of unloveliness, the typically lovely Ms. Iglesias was all too happy to retweet every single one of these starry-eyed well-wishes and condemnations of the WPT, thereby showcasing and perpetuating (we suspect quite consciously) this uninformed anti-WPT propaganda to all of her 20,000 or so followers.


    We were also at the Bicycle Casino when the entirety of this controversy – or “Flushgate,” as it will soon be known – was unfolding.

    When we got to the Bike that day, the matter of the girl’s mysterious desertion was being gossiped about by some. Many of the Bike and WPT staff we spoke to were just as surprised as anyone else… and not a little critical as well. “Unappreciative is the only way I can describe her behavior,” said one individual, “and I’m pretty sure most of us here feel that way.”

    Another staffer described Ms. Iglesias’s vocal resignation as “career suicide.” “Quitting is one thing, but blasting the company like that on your way out is just about the stupidest thing you can do in a situation like that,” she explained. “No respectable agent I know would have ever allowed that had he been given a chance to prevent it,” implying that Ms. Iglesias had just gone off on her own.

    When we sat down to talk with tournament contender (and eventual winner) Will Failla, we were not expecting to learn that he had been with her briefly earlier that morning. “I saw her here [at the Bike], and she was almost in tears. She told me she would be quitting. I asked her what the matter was, and she said, ‘I can’t tell you, but my lawyers are going to take care of it.’”

    Whoa, what?

    Our friend Allen Kessler, himself quite wounded by her departure, also claimed that he had seen her in tears, and reports hearing her claim she was being “treated unfairly.”


    So what was this all about? Well, we don’t know for sure, but when we dug deeper, we became aware of some circumstances which might provide a bit of context to the affair.

    Some of the Royal Flush Girls had repeated issues with punctuality, especially Melanie. (The resulting halt in production can be a costly problem for the WPT, which is, in effect, a TV show with a very tight schedule.) We did learn that the girls had just been given a very stern lecture the night before, about how the tardiness just couldn’t continue.

    The very next morning Melanie showed up late again.

    So is this what led to the resignation? Did she get her (amazing) ass chewed out again? Who knows. But coincidentally, her ‘I quit’ tweet soon followed. Of course, there may have been other reasons why Melanie wanted out in the first place, and that tardy controversy could have been the first available excuse.


    The remaining five Royal Flush Girls went ahead with their scheduled photo shoot that afternoon, as evidenced by this photo, and it soon became clear that life would continue as normal, especially for the WPT, despite whatever doomsday prophecies Ms. Iglesias and her followers had entertained earlier that day.



    At roughly 11:00pm, hardly 12 hours after Ms. Iglesias’s resignation, Royal Flush Girl Michelle Banzer tweeted the following:

    @MichelleBanzer: “After careful consideration I’ve come to a decision to officially resign from the World Poker Tour. It’s been an eventful run. All the best.”

    Not Michelle!

    Had there been any sort of rift between Ms. Iglesias and Ms. Banzer? Not likely. The latter had apparently supported the former’s resignation earlier that day with supportive tweets, and Ms. Iglesias returned the favor by insta-retweeting the news of Ms. Banzer’s resignation. One WPT staffer remarked that the two had seemed close and friendly every time he saw them.

    It began looking like some coordinated, disgruntled sorority was afoot on an alarming scale. It adds to the mystery to point out that, just the day before, Ms. Banzer had tweeted this:

    “Just had a team meeting with the rest of the Royal Flush Girls as we prepare for upcoming events.”

    Such as quitting the very next day? Something must have happened in the 24-hour span between those two tweets.

    Ms. Banzer would later go on to address, albeit unspecifically, her situation, in a fairly eloquent blog post (yes, I actually read it) titled “A Time to Fold.”

    “… I flew to Los Angeles to attend the Press Conference for Season X with the intention to stay for the duration of the tour. After careful consideration, and a few different meetings, I made an informed decision to resign from my position as a Royal Flush Girl. This was a personal decision independent of Melanie Iglesias’ decision earlier in the same day. Given the circumstances and all information provided to me, it was evident that the direction of the World Poker Tour brand was not a direction I was comfortable taking my own personal career. In the end, I had no choice but to stay true to myself.”

    Much like her predecessor, it was not easy to determine the exact motive for Ms. Banzer’s resignation (and our attempts to subpoena both women went nowhere). There was, however, some widespread skepticism at the idea that her decision had been “independent” of Ms. Iglesias. Numerous observers suggested the two were tight, and suspected Melanie likely had an influence on Michelle.

    The next day, when asked to comment by PokerNews, the WPT issued the following brief statement, obviously not penned by Michele Clayborne: “Melanie and Michelle were both interested in pursuing other opportunities. We thank them for their hard work during Season IX and wish them the best in their future endeavors.”

    By this time, just the two girls had resigned, and the final table was playing out with the four remaining Royal Flush Girls (the minimum necessary) in attendance. We thought we had seen the worst of it, but just as the seas were beginning to calm, rumors of an impending third resignation gained some ground. Rookie Mica Javier was coming across as unhappy and largely disinterested in her brand new role, and some were going as far as to speculate that she wouldn’t have made it through the week.

    What? Not Mica! The girl we just saw introduced less than one week ago was already dissatisfied and about to call it quits? But how difficult could it be to be a Royal Flush Girl?

    In all fairness, from what we’ve seen, it’s a more demanding job than it first appears. The girls have to put up with very long hours, during most of which they’re on their feet, sometimes in uncomfortable clothing, having to interact with players and audience members for days on end. Did Ms. Javier know of the grind she was getting herself into? After all, her family is very well off, and she’s probably used to a comfy standard of living. (Her father, Leonardo “Sandy” Javier, is not only a famous tycoon with numerous businesses under his command, but also the mayor of a Filipino municipality.) Then again, the larger consensus was that, as an aspiring musician, Ms. Javier had a belated, if not ill-timed epiphany, that perhaps spokesmodeling wasn’t really her thing.

    Whatever the case, the prophecy went on to fulfill itself much sooner than anyone had anticipated. The very next day, the young Ms. Javier implicitly revealed her own resignation, by tweeting about her “day off” in Los Angeles when she was supposed to have been on a plane en route to Paris with the rest of the WPT crew. The news was received warmly by Michelle Banzer and, of course, Melanie Iglesias.

    C’est la vie…


    From what we can tell, the WPT never seemed much affected by any of the “resignations,” and has maintained an exemplary stoic attitude throughout. (It would appear I’m the only dimwit writing a whole article about it.) As inconvenienced as the company might have been at first, it appears to have recovered quickly and has already refilled the sextet, at least temporarily, as shown by these snapshots of an RFG photo shoot in Paris this weekend.

    As for our three brave heroines, they retain their friendships are currently all hanging out together in New York City. Maybe they really are friends. Maybe they just need a support group for the time being. “That was the right thing we did, right? Right?”

    Ms. Iglesias herself has reportedly numerous prospects ahead of her, chief among them some upcoming reality show on MTV 2 which she delights in reminding her followers about. But one has to wonder if her new producers have observed and registered the hideous unprofessionalism with which she chose to separate from her previous employers. For someone who spends a great deal of time judging others by their class, the girl has proven she is in very scant supply of it herself.

    MTV 2, beware… Rub Melanie Iglesias the wrong way, and prepare to suffer the wrath of her Twitter, not to mention an unprecedented drop in ratings.

    She was, after all, the only reason they watched.

    QuadJacks.com – Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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